Office Tour



Welcome to our office! We hope our craftsman-style exterior will convey our warm welcome. Feel free to relax on our bench to wait for a ride or just relax in the sun!

Front Desk


The first thing you will do when you come to our office is to check in at the front desk. Our friendly receptionist Brianna will greet you on your first visit and you will use our touch screen on all your subsequent visits.

Brush-up Station


As soon as you check in at the front desk, you will proceed directly to our brushing station to brush you teeth before your appointment using our "magic" toothbrushes!

Reception Area


Whether you need to catch up on work, recharge your device, or relax with a current magazine or newspaper, our reception area offers a variety of seating. Dr. Weiler loves to create beautiful smiles and beautiful art—our 3-D wall mural reflects both these passions!


We love children and hope they will love playing in our fun kids area (far left). Please also help yourself to our complimentary beverage station (far right)--grab a cold bottle of water or use our hot water to create a delicious drink in seconds!

X-ray Imaging


Before, during, and after your treatment Dr. Weiler may use very low-dose digital radiation to take an X-ray "picture" of your teeth and jaws to assess their health and development.

Consultation Room


This is where you come for your first appointment to meet Dr. Weiler. He will take the time to get to know you, make you feel comfortable, and discuss teeth and orthodontic treatment in a fun, engaging way.

Photo Imaging


Before and after your treatment, we take special photographs of your smile so we can literally see it come life!

On-deck Area


Parents and siblings can watch the action from our on-deck area, where we also keep yearbooks through the years!



Our state-of-the-art sterilization area keeps our clinic running smoothly.



The clinic is where the magic happens and since you spend most of the time reclining in our comfortable chairs… Dr. Weiler made his “Mine-Craft” ceiling for you to take in during your appointments.